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Month: September 2009

Berlin in B Flat

The Irish are like salmon, they must return to their birthplace. In the case of the O Dowd sisters, it was to an Irish pub. They had to watch the all-Ireland match between Kerry and Cork, with Kerry winning. If Berlin is the wall art/graffiti capital of the world, our IKEA outfitted apartment was located […]

Scottish delights

So its hard to image a more beautiful city than Edinburgh. Somehow they’ve managed to by and large preserve the relics of a tragic and heroic history around every corner. You won’t see so much stone and fine craftsmanship anywhere…and we’ve been to Peru. And somehow the turbulence of its heroes, villains, myths and legends […]

Haggis today, haggis tomorrow, haggis Everyday!!!

To all those who dared us to eat haggis, who tried to invoke the fear of grey animal matter with oats….phooey to you all. Haggis rocks. Beef, lamb, with gravy, without, with mash tatters and turnip, with oatcakes,….you name it’s serious yummy!! Think meat pie without the pastry, or sausage without the casing but a […]

Bonnie Scotland

Trish has always always wanted to go to Scotland. And now with her great buddy Deanna there, and my writing compadre Alette and her hub Mike and their poodle in Edinburgh, there was no reason not to go. We arrived at Mike and Alette’s huge Edinburgh flat (2.5 x value of our Ottawa home, 14ft […]

London Calling

London Calling (click on pix above for more shots) For our first overseas post, I was tempted to saturate this blog with pix and descriptions of London’s many historical landmarks, it’s stunning architecture, and vibrant hoods. But for us the most meaningful part of this portion of our travel was being with Stan, Trish’s dad; […]

The Itinerary

Our Itinerary is roughly laid out below. We only have up to our flights to China booked, the rest has purposely been left open, so that we can meander, be spontanous and have the flexability to fall in love with a place and stay for awhile. September London: touring the city with Stan (Trish’s Dad) […]


As any cook knows, it takes hours and days to prepare a good meal and seconds to eat it. The same goes for travel. We have been planning for this trip for 3 years.. and now that it is a matter of weeks away, we are frantically researching, packing and taking care of last minute […]

The Blog

Nowadays laptops are required equipment for most travellers. We don’t get that. For us travelling is escapist, it is our birdie at COSTCO, ROGERS and all the other evil empires. So why do so many explore the world, then esconce themselves behind a screen? Besides, who wants to read the minutae of a pair of […]