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Month: October 2009

Wayne’s First Kiss (Hong Kong Oct 19-24/09)

For Wayne, Hong Kong is like that first kiss, or staring down that bully in grade 1. It’s filled with romance and larger than life dreams that have been upsized with each telling.   He didn’t tell you that it took 25 hours to get there from Huangshan, involving a taxi, two buses and two […]

Secret Mission to Hong Kong, Oct 19-24, 2009

Objective: Ascertain viability of long term living in HK Risks: Pollution, poverty, Trish killing me The best way to see HK is either after or in between China. Having done this now twice, I (Wayne, here) am deluded with romantic notions of it. I crossed into it after the Tiananmen Sq massacre, and now after […]

Turtles, Turtles, yeah, yeah, yeah!!

For those such as Carlee who’ve accused us of animal cruelty, I’d like you to think of this as a cross cultural exchange. Wayne’s done the guinea pig, snake eating thing in previous travels, this time he was determined to try turtle. Here you can buy turtles as big as fry pans on the street. […]

Crouching Tiger, Burnt Monkey, Huangshan Oct 14-18 

Stayed at the Old Street Youth Hostel in the old town. Located on the narrow, stone pedestrian tourist street, it’s lined with shops and stalls built to the old Huizhou ways. Every region so far has unique architectural elements. This area also has some of the best tea anywhere. We sampled lots and bought the […]

Dreams of Glory and Family Discovery

Wayne here. Had a strange dream the other night. The principal dancer at a major dance company took ill and the rest of the cast and crew beckoned me to step in and take over. I stated that I had no real (or imaginary) skill at this, but they insisted. Then I woke up, not […]

Ghost-girl takes on watertowns

Suzhou (6mill), just west of Shanghai, is one of those legendary cities with 2500yrs of history. It was said that in heaven there is paradise, on earth there is Suzhou and Huangzhou. Even Marco Polo said it was the most beautiful city in China, with its tree lined canals, fantastic gardens, silk and art epicentres, […]


We check into the Asset Hotel, a unremarkable but clean 2 or 3 star job, and are happy with the extra space and anonymity, and promise we will do nothing in Shanghai…Yea, right. Wicked Shanghai it ain’t. More like Blade Runner takes Asia. The contrast in the poor and the glitter is jaw dropping. We […]

Free iPhones at the Forbidden City

We discovered a delicious steamed bun paradise on the way to the Summer Palace but we are in need of some western food…never thought we’d say this. These five bite buns of joy were named after a general who used them as heads in order to disguise his army size. Whatever, they’ve ruined any future […]

Michael Jackson does the Great Wall

There’s likely few people who couldn’t identify the Great Wall. The long, meandering battlement snaking in and around rugged hills, the myth of it’s visibility from space, images of Mongol invaders scaling it’s precipice. Nice images. But rather unreal. Most people go to sections of the wall that are completely restored and polished, and inundated […]

Beijing Then and Now

Wayne here. Twenty years ago when I was here in Beijing, the country was in the midst of social and political upheavel. It culminated in the Tiananmen Sq masacre which today isn’t discussed, nor taught, nor acknowledged. You have to be at least in your mid thirties for it to register. For these locals, it […]