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Month: January 2010

Mummies’ the Word, Cairo, Egypt, Jan 11-15, 2010

For most of the past four months, Trish was often the only white folk around. And I could almost blend in well enough to get the occasional local price. All this came to a screeching halt in the chaos and dusty mayhem they call, Cairo. The largest city in Africa, 20 million people . We […]

Love and Madness, Bangkok, Jan 4-10, 2010

The overnight VIP bus from Chiang Mai to Bangkok is anything but VIP. We see passengers on other buses passing us with blankets,trays,water, and night lights. Our smiling travel agent who booked this no doubt pocketed most of our fare and schlepped us on this backpacker delight. On the road Trish lays a bombshell and […]

Countdown in Chiang Mai, Dec 28-Jan 3, 2010

Yet another lame jungle ‘elephant trek.’ These elephants spend most of their time foraging for grass and drinking. This only goes to prove that the bigger you are, the bigger pile of shXX you will produce. As we stumble to the finish line of this magnificient Asia leg, we continually see startling contrasts.   We […]