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Year: 2015

Indian Ass Kick Dec 03-dec 24, 2015

      Be forewarned, this here lies the last, latest and longest post, covering all my India…. It’s a well worn cliche that people go to India to find themselves. I’d be happy to just find my ass, having been kicked around so much. India throws everything at you and takes no prisoners. You […]

Mono-Culture to Clash of Cultures, Malaysia Nov 6-9, 2015

  Less than a week and two countries ago, Trish and I parted from each other and also jettisoned from Japan, one of the most mono-cultural countries. She’s back in Canada, and I’ve just left Malaysia, which was only supposed to be an acclimatization for Myanmar. But I spent the better part of three days […]

Last Bang In Osaka Oct 30-Nov 6, 2015

  Compared to Tokyo and Kyoto, Osaka doesn’t merit much of a sniff if you’re into Japanese history, culture and art. Where Tokyo is reserved and worldly, Kyoto is elegant and snotty, Osakans are Newfies by comparison. Supposedly food and  shopping demons, they’re also into manufactured fun. The comic capital of Japan, it’s also home […]

Sex Ed in Stately Kyoto: October 20-30, 2015

  This is the hardest entry to write. We’ve only a few days left, having just left Kyoto for Osaka. After Kyoto anything else in Japan already feels anti-climatic. Our minds are also elsewhere….Myanmar and home as Trish soon hits the eject button and we separate for at least two months. Where Tokyo is brash […]

Hiroshima and Miyajima Island Oct 14-16, 2015

We open this blog the only way we can, with the tragedy of Hiroshima, which has since become a miracle through its rebirth and renaissance. Not the warmest pict, but perhaps the most poignant. This bike belonged to a boy just a month shy of his fourth birthday. He was incinerated by the blast. His […]

KEEP CALM You’re Japanese

      KANAZAWA  October 7-10 We contrast Tokyo’s brash, in your face megalopolis with ‘small town’ Kanazawa, a city on the west coast known for its old districts, and one of Japan’s best gardens, and for us—a 4 bunk bed hostel with info to help us make some sort of itinerary for the next […]

Tokyo Rules

Tokyo Rules: Culture shock, getting lost in translation,…we were warned. But after the chaos of Rome, we were met with everything being clean, impossibly efficient, courtesy, politenes, and unheard of customer service. Even the sushi in the 7-11 was yummy. This was in the airport.   The only shock has been how wonderful traveling Japan […]