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Month: November 2015

Mono-Culture to Clash of Cultures, Malaysia Nov 6-9, 2015

  Less than a week and two countries ago, Trish and I parted from each other and also jettisoned from Japan, one of the most mono-cultural countries. She’s back in Canada, and I’ve just left Malaysia, which was only supposed to be an acclimatization for Myanmar. But I spent the better part of three days […]

Last Bang In Osaka Oct 30-Nov 6, 2015

  Compared to Tokyo and Kyoto, Osaka doesn’t merit much of a sniff if you’re into Japanese history, culture and art. Where Tokyo is reserved and worldly, Kyoto is elegant and snotty, Osakans are Newfies by comparison. Supposedly food and ¬†shopping demons, they’re also into manufactured fun. The comic capital of Japan, it’s also home […]

Sex Ed in Stately Kyoto: October 20-30, 2015

  This is the hardest entry to write. We’ve only a few days left, having just left Kyoto for Osaka. After Kyoto anything else in Japan already feels anti-climatic. Our minds are also elsewhere….Myanmar and home as Trish soon hits the eject button and we separate for at least two months. Where Tokyo is brash […]