Wayne Ng

Hiroshima and Miyajima Island Oct 14-16, 2015

We open this blog the only way we can, with the tragedy of Hiroshima, which has since become a miracle through its rebirth and renaissance. Not the warmest pict, but perhaps the most poignant. This bike belonged to a boy just a month shy of his fourth birthday. He was incinerated by the blast. His […]

KEEP CALM You’re Japanese

      KANAZAWA  October 7-10 We contrast Tokyo’s brash, in your face megalopolis with ‘small town’ Kanazawa, a city on the west coast known for its old districts, and one of Japan’s best gardens, and for us—a 4 bunk bed hostel with info to help us make some sort of itinerary for the next […]

Tokyo Rules

Tokyo Rules: Culture shock, getting lost in translation,…we were warned. But after the chaos of Rome, we were met with everything being clean, impossibly efficient, courtesy, politenes, and unheard of customer service. Even the sushi in the 7-11 was yummy. This was in the airport.   The only shock has been how wonderful traveling Japan […]

Epic Rome Sept 24-29, 2015

Epic view from our rented Pigneto apt:   Epic meltdown: It’s a perfect storm—PMS, fatigue, nothing in the way of predictability and routines, late nights, food deprivation for long periods while we sight see, raucous noise, pollution, everybody around us smoking… Trish blows and has her customary trip meltdown. Then of course she feels guilty for […]

Florentine Confessions Sept 19-23, 2015

          The white and green marble of Sienna’s Il Duomo   We Blabla’ed our way from Padua to Florence, Europe’s car share service. Sharing a car comes in at half the train costs and a chance to meet someone interesting, maybe. Daphne for example breeds rag doll cats, when she isn’t […]

Lorella Sprtiz in Venice Padua

You Venice:   Chicken or beef? Red or white wine? Love or hate Venice? It’s easy to see why there are two distinct camps. Hordes of tourists, the worst and most expensive food in Italty for starters vs a stunningly beautiful backdrop.We were in one camp then switched. They say Venice is sinking. Likely beneath […]

Dump the Dumplings

(You may figured this out but if you’re viewing this on anything other than a smartphone, many pictures are getting cut off) Looking towards 14th cent Our Lady Before Tyn Cathedral, Prague Castle in background.     I’ve so hyped up cities like Hong Kong and most recently Amsterdam that they could never meet Trish’s […]

Honourable mention: Koln aka Cologne

This post centres around the Cologne Cathedral,  a gothic and German- catholic icon, it’s also the  most visited landmark in Germany. Everybody told us there was nothing in Cologne except a train out. While their old town is rather lame-o after Utrecht, the cathedral is eye-popping, and it’s right by the train station. Started in1248, […]